2011 NFL season

Today is a rainy mess here in NYC - a good time to brush up on the new wrinkles and events coming your way this NFL season....

From the league itself:


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From Jason Lisk of the very entertaining website The Big Lead:

"If you want to have a fun bet with your buddy at the bar, bet him that you?ll take Eli Manning, and he can pick three other starting quarterbacks, anyone he wants,?who he predicts will have a better interception percentage than Eli in 2011. All three must beat Eli for him to win. It?s not a fair bet, because of the randomness of interceptions, but I suspect he?ll jump at the chance to go with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan against your mistake-prone choice.

Sure, he might time the market right and correctly foresee the right quarterbacks, but if he had picked the three best from the previous year at avoiding interceptions, he would have lost the bet every year for the last decade.? Heck, he?would have lost if he only had to pick two and took the top two at avoiding interceptions the?year before. Interceptions from year to year are really random."

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We know you all have been sitting around saying: "What's the delay?". ?Well, think no longer. The owners outlined their settlement terms today, contingent on the players' vote later tonight.

As per our colleagues as CNN:

The proposed agreement includes a new rookie compensation system, a salary cap of $142.4 million per club in 2011 and additional retirement benefits, according to the NFL.

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Play maker?

We sure hope so.? Two years in a row the NY Giants have gotten what the franchise deems as a true play maker. No one wants to see a good player loosing playing time; however, I am pumped to see first round pick Prince Amukarmara fight for a starting spot.

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