Aaron Hernandez

Victor Cruz has been in numerous interviews after the official signing of his contract, including an interview with Mike Francesa on WFAN.

One topic that Cruz commented on is the Aaron Hernandez murder case that has been all over the news. Cruz seems to believe that the issue may be significant enough to warrant a discussion within the Giants organization.

?Knowing us, it might be a full-fledged meeting on security, the things we can do or decision-making. We take that stuff seriously, especially in the inner city area where you never know what could happen,? Cruz said in the interview.

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It's supposed to be in the mid-90's in NYC today and no one is doing too much moving around. So let's have some fun. Caption the below photos for us in the comment section...

There, there....don't worry, our big paydays are coming...

Someday, Tom I'll figure out a way to beat you...

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Patriots' TE Aaron Hernandez has been released by the New England Patriots after being arrested by Massachusetts authorities this morning.

Hernandez taken into custody at 8:47am this morning at his home in North Attleboro, Mass. State and local law enforcement agents arrested Hernandez in connection with the homicide of an associate, whose body was found a quarter-mile from Hernandez' home on June 17th.

A surprised Hernandez met a half-dozen officers at his door wearing only a pair of red workout shorts. He was cuffed and a white v-neck t-shirt was pulled over his shoulders as he was led into a police cruiser via the infamous "perp walk."

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