Brain urlacher

The New York Giants need a game changing, sideline to sideline, play maker at? linebacker. ? For those of you who might be thinking...Purdue, sorry, Ryan Kerrigan is not that guy.? Yes, Kerrigan is an impressive athlete(6'4 263)...and a ball player through and through.?? He has dominating power and has made his presence known in the backfield of many college teams, but he should stay at his natural position with his hand in the dirt at the next level.

For those of you who were thinking of converting the boilermakers "Most Valuable Player" on defense you might want to look at a different guy for the Giants system.? Yes, Kerrigan will be a 4-3 player in the NFL, but mostly likely at defensive end.?? After watching him at the college All-Star Skills competition I found him very stiff in the hips.? His footwork is good enough for a defensive end; however, not the Patrick Willis, Brian Urlacher, Brian Cushing, type of lateral movement the Giants so sorely need.

The first unanimous All-American at Purdue since 1980 will play in the NFL and mostly likely will be a top 20 pick in the 1st round, but he is not what the Giants need.? Kerrigan will not be a good linebacker, especially if he is asked to? cover tight ends; however, with his hand on the ground and 20 lbs of muscle, the NFL will be happy and Kerrigan will be a force to reckoned with.

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