Brandon Stokley

Brandon Stokley was at TIMEX meeting and greeting the team and the media as an official member of Big Blue. He will attempt to bring back the dimension in the offense lost after Steve Smith went down last year. Smith was an excellent third-down option and the Giants are hoping the 13-year vet can help them re-establish their short passing game.

What he can bring to the offense:

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This situation is vaguely familiar...like a bad dream.

2009 Jerry Reese takes a small handful of inexperienced safeties into training camp after not resigning strong safety James Butler.? By game #3 '08 first round draft pick Kenny Phillips goes down with a serious knee injury, leaving Michael Johnson the 7th round pick in '07 draft to be the leader.?? The Giants scrambled to fix the problem and signed CC Brown and Aaron Rouse. ? You remember how that turned out.

In 2010 the Giants were thin at receiver due to injuries.? The Giants made a move to resigned Derek Hagan, a sure handed possession receiver and a perfect back up to Steve Smith. ? However, Jerry Reese chose not to resign Hagan after last season.

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The New York Giants took a step towards getting Eli Manning a "safety blanket" receiver by signing one of Peyton's old ones.

Today the Giants signed WR Brandon Stokley formerly of the Colts and Broncos. The 35 year old receiver is a proven pass catcher and more importantly an experienced slot receiver. That means that the youth movement at slot just isn't working out and that an upgrade was needed.

It's hard to think of a 35 year old receiver as an upgrade, but Stokley will at least remember his routes and line up correctly, so I guess that is a step in a positive direction

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