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Well my first mock draft is out the window because of the Washington Redskins; leave it to the Redskins to always make things harder for anyone Giants related.

I also skipped over DE Quinton Coples and left him out of the first round completely, which was brought to my attention by some of our great readers here on GFB.

So now it's back to the drawing board in my mock draft Part 2 and I can say that it feels like I'm inching towards perfection.

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As my peer Charles Costello previously stated, the end to the lockout seems to be on the horizon.

According to an article released earlier today by Todd Porter of Cantonrep.com all signs point towards the annual Hall of Fame game being played on August 7th. So far that is the clearest sign that the lockout may be coming to an end.

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Should Osi Umenyiora remain a Giant? That?s a more adequate question than, ?Will Osi Umenyiora be a Giant? ?

Osi is known to have off again on again seasons and though there is no questioning his current skills, he may be more of a luxury than a need at this point.

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Plaxico Burress has gone from prison inmate to highly touted free agent in a matter of days. The ex-Giant receiver is rumored to have numerous suitors throughout the NFL including the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. But instead of contemplating about where he will land or his future impact on the football field, I?m wondering why all of the hype for an over rated player?

The image of Plax catching the Super bowl winning touchdown against the Pats is what most New York fans remember of Burress? career with the Giants. It?s somewhat of an ideological image fans have of a man that was more myth than production.

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Giants Football Blog is continuing its effort to expand our coverage to meet the needs of our readers.

This fall, in addition to being on the beat with the Giants, we are adding several features that we believe you will enjoy:

Rich Resch, a long-time contributor, will be writing a fantasy football column several days per week.  I, above all people, will enjoy this feature since I have been playing fantasy since the mid-'80's and am personally responsible for many of the elements you see in today's versions of the game.

GFB staff will participate in a radio program on Blog Talk Radio beginning Wednesday, Aug 18th.  The show - Pro Football NYC - is being produced by the good folks over at Football Reporters Online and will include several top Jets bloggers as well.  The combination of the fan bases and experts on both teams, with a few high=profile guests thrown in will make for an extremely interesting and entertaining show....

We will also begin to provide feedback and updates on video games (such as Madden 11), TV, radio and Media analysis and the best post-game analysis of any blog on the net.

I know you will enjoy these new features.

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