hated rivals

A few years back, the Giants spoiled the opening game at Cowboys Stadium. Last night, Dallas returned the favor by thumping the Giants on their own turf when everyone expected them to roll over for the home team.

It was anything but a setup. Dallas outhustled and outplayed the defending champs in front of the whole world last night. The game was a winnable one, but the the Giants didn't do much to help themselves in the 24-17 reality check at the hands of their most hated rivals.

"Very disappointing, very disappointing loss," said Tom Coughlin after the game. "Any way you want to look at it. We fumble the ball after a nice drive that possibly could have been points, we don?t score from the one-yard line. We give up big plays in the second half. We don?t really stop the run, they had all kinds of yardage, we had little or none. We gave ourselves a chance there at the end of the game, it just took way too much time for us to score. And then obviously 3rd and 11 or 12, whatever that was, we couldn?t stop it. We had trouble stopping the slant all night long like we?ve never seen a slant before. Very, very frustrating. It hurts to come in and be playing at home and playing a game of this nature opening the season to play the way we played, and we certainly are capable of playing a lot better."

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