The development of Sanchez over his first two seasons has been slow but steady. During both seasons, we've seen an inexperienced young quarterback overcome earlier issues and lead his team deep into the postseason. Will he continue to improve in Year 3? SNYWhyGuys tries to find out.

Sanchez's first year was a bit rough and left a lot of room for development. In trying to tie a number to how much better Sanchez got between his first and second season, Mike Salfino of SNYWhyGuys looked at the ratio of TDs to INTS among quarterbacks since 1980 who, like Mark, threw more than 15 INTs and less than 15 TDs in their rookie seasons.

According to Mike's calculations, Sanchez's ratio was 0.60 in 2009 and 1.31 in 2010, a very typical improvement. If Mark continues to go the way he's going (which, obviously, is not guaranteed), then Mike predicts about 20 TD passes and 13 INTs in 2011.

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