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David Levy is a colleague of mine over at Pro Football NYC.? He is a Jets fan who has had it with being manipulated (his new documentary is aptly called Gang Greed). The New Meadowlands rail link that stems from Secaucus to the new stadium was initially thought to be a great idea: alleviating traffic and cutting down on DUIs.? Think again....

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by CJ Santucci - PFNYC Senior Analyst


That is how I would describe the New Meadowlands. Part of me wants to say, a waste of 1.7 billion dollars...but I'll refrain. The thousands of empty seats spoke volumes for the discontented fan.

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It's amazing how quick we are to turn the page. This is a story that restores a bit of hope.

Maybe?it wasn't?Yankee Stadium, and?maybe it?didn't?have?the history and aura of the?late ballpark in the Bronx, but for Giants' co-owner John Mara, the?dismantling of the old Giants Stadium, despite the?excitement of moving into the team's?new $1.6 billion home,?made him feel?as if the family house was being?torn down.

Mara was 21 when he?attended his first game at Giants Stadium. Today he's 55, and now?he walks?into a new home just across the parking lot at the Meadowlands. In a story in last Sunday's New York Times,?Mara recalled what it felt like to walk into the old stadium for the first time (October 10, 1976; a 13-7 loss to the Dallas Cowboys).

"I remember being in the locker room with my father (then co-owner Wellington Mara), and how disappointed he was,? Mara said.? "And I remember Marty Schottenheimer, who was our defensive coordinator, walking up to him in the locker room and saying, ?I?m sorry we ruined your day, Mr. Mara.? And he said, ?Oh, you didn?t ruin it.? But he wasn?t telling the truth."

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New Stadium Wows Beat Reporters

Yesterday, the local football media got a tour of the New Meadowlands Stadium.? All of them were in awe of the size and amenity upgrade over the previous digs next door.....Here are some observations:

Patricia Traina, Inside Football: "There are four giant high-resolution scoreboards. it's simply amazing how far Field level view technology has come with video boards. I can remember as a kid going to Shea Stadium with my dad and how they had the old monochrome scoreboards with the one-dimensional graphics. Anyway, at this new stadium, if you are seated in the end zone and forget your binoculars, the scoreboards are going to be a godsend when the action is at the opposite end of the field..."

Jane McManus, ESPN New York: "There is a definite caste system depending on how much a ticket is worth, with multiple levels and clubs. For the right price, you can watch the game from the field and take in Tom Coughlin's news conference. Although the upper-level amenities are limited to free mustard, even those seats don't have the same sky-high feeling as Giants Stadium..."

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