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Commisioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith both addressed the 2011 rookie class yesterday in Sarasota, Florida.

So did former Giant WR Plaxico Burress.

Burress was invited by the league to speak to the freshmen about his ordeal, sort of a "scared-straight" tactic to keep the newbies on the righteous path.

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Kudos to Will Brinson of CBS Sports.com for this one....Former Giants star WR Plaxico Burress will be a guest speaker at this week's rookie symposium in Florida as part of the " what not to do" segment.

According to Brinson.....

Burress will be one of the players speaking to the rookies about life in the NFL.?Obviously, Burress, who?was released from prison June 6, has?a unique perspective on life as an NFL player and the traps of fame that can ensnare young players in the league.

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The rookie symposium, scheduled?to begin on?June 26 in Canton, Ohio, has been cancelled due to the lockout, the NFL announced yesterday.

According to?league spokesman Greg Aiello, the decision was made because of "the uncertainty of the labor issues we are facing and the logistical challenges of conducting the symposium. The symposium is a large, complex event involving many professionals and others. In fairness, we could not continue to keep their commitment on hold."

The symposium teaches incoming rookies money management and life skills and allows them to meet current and former NFL players.

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