The Devils placed Bobby Butler on waivers Sunday, hoping to sneak him back through to Albany. Unfortunately for New Jersey, he didn't quite make it there.


Obviously, this was always a possibility. It's probably why they held onto Butler for an extra game instead of waiving him when Ryan Carter was healthy. In situations like this, you want to be extra sure about the player in case you can never get him back. As I've said a couple times, I was a fan of Butler's shot and I thought he had some nice offensive potential. That said, the Devils gave him multiple chances in offensive situations, including long runs on the first power-play unit, and he never really delivered. If he could have finished on just a couple of those chances, he'd likely still be a Devil. Hell, he'd probably be playing 15 minutes a night -- but that wasn't the case. Someone with a shot like Butler's is always going to get extended looks. That's just how the league works. But if he doesn't start finishing those goals, he may end up as one of those perennial AHL/NHL tweener guys. The question now is who the Devils will call up to replace his spot on the roster. Hmmm.

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