The Jets' recent success has taken a bite into the Giants' hold over the NY football populace, but they are still a ways away from reaching the core.

The fence-sitters have jumped over to the Jets side for the time being which has drawn the two teams closer in popularity, but the Giants still have the upper hand.

The proof is in the ticket-sales pudding. The Giants attached PSLs to every seat they sold. The Jets only required PSL agreements of their high-end and lower level ticket holders.

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The CEO of the Giants, John Mara, met with the media today. He got out in front of the brewing storm caused by the announcement that the Giants would sell tickets to individual games, bypassing the PSL requirement. He said the Giants have always sold individual game tickets in the past.

SNY contributor Mike Garafolo

"John Mara just took a few mins to discuss tix/PSLs. Basically said individual tix that have been made avail are nothing new....Mara said those tix were put aside to resolve issues that popped up. Said eventually they'll be PSL tix."
Ralph Vacchiano, Daily News
"Mara said today's ticket sale was far smaller than in past years. Usually #NYG have 3,000 single game tickets available...Only 1,250 PSLs remain, all in club seating. Called reports that non-club PSLs are available "Not true. You can't buy a non-club PSL."..."
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The main attraction of last night's MNF telecast was undoubtedly the $1.7 billion superstar of a stadium, which was hosting its first NFL game.

ESPN made sure to feature as much of it as possible (and who could blame them considering the circumstances), exploiting the innards of the newest beast of the NFL. The leisure space underneath the stands is twenty times the size of the old stadium.

As I have stated time and time again, you are going to see a new dynamic when it comes to attendees at both Jets and Giants games from now on. It was a Jet home game, yet there seemed to be a lot of Giant fans there.

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