Quentin Richardson

Rivalry Check is an ongoing series in which we preview 10 of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

New Faces:?There are plenty of new ?faces in the Raptors locker room, but they are pretty familiar to fans in New York. Toronto traded Andrea Bargnani to acquire 3-point specialist Steve Novak, veteran big man Marcus Camby, Quentin Richardson and a handful of draft picks, but only Novak remains on the roster.

The Raptors also brought in D.J. Augustin and Tyler Hansbrough -- no marquee moves but ones that add some depth to their young nucleus.

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Marc Berman of the NY Post blogs from Vegas giving some information about how Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and Quentin Richardson look thus far. Berman had this to say about the aforementioned trio:

Gallinari- Coach D'Antoni was pleased by his toughness and athleticism

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Alan Hahn of Newsday talks about Eddy Curry's summer workout regiment at Tim Grover's Attack Athletics facility in Chicago. Grover's comment sums up Curry best when he is asked he is capable of being a part of D'Antoni's run and gun system. "It's never that he can't, it's does he want to?" said Grover. Quentin Richardson is also working at Attack on getting back to the "catch and shoot" offensive player he was with the Suns in 2004-2005. Hahn also discusses the Knicks plans to bring in 20 potential draftees for workouts as well as Stephan Marbury's trade value.

The great Pat Riley use to talk about how conditioning was paramount to success. You use to hear stories about how tough training camp was and, if you were out of shape coming in, it things would be even tougher. "Winning Time" was the term used for the fourth quarter during his tenure and, more times then not, the Knicks wore down an opponent. If Curry gets into shape and finally dedicates himself to the game we all might be surprised at how well he does. Let's not forget that during the 2006-2007 season he played some of his best basketball freelancing on the court. A mobile Curry is big and hard to defend. I would much rather give him a second chance and trade Randolph.

Tommy Dee says... Obviously it's in a trainer's best interest to say guys are working out hard, he does want to keep his job. Let's hope Curry is learning how to increase his bounce, so he can block a shot for once and grab a rebound. At the end of the day, Curry doesn't fit in this system, so get used to 15 minutes a game.

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