With 2012 behind us, it's time to take a look at what's ahead for the Islanders in the upcoming year. We've got seven burning questions that need to be, or are likely to be, addressed in the coming 12 months. First up though is one question about the NHL:

#7 - Will there be a 2012-13 season?The deadline for a new CBA has now been set at a little under two weeks from now on January 11th. Finally, mercifully, we'll have either a resolution one way or another.

The way it seems, with both sides inching ever closer to one another, we'll have a deal by then. Neither side is dumb enough to lose a season at this point (right? right?) and there's too much money out there to be made from a partial season for them to continue to sit on their hands. Whether the league caves or the players do is a tough question to answer -- my hunch is some sort but I think both sides know that not having a season is much worse than having a partial season, although a large amount of damage has already been done.

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At this point I would say no, except if they are in a situation where they want to rest Melo, Amar'e, or both after securing a playoff spot. Brown to me is a player they could mold into an asset and have to decide on what to do with him moving forward. He's said publicly he'd like to return to Charlotte. I think he should get a look next year as I've said before, I'm a huge fan of his skill set.


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