It?s Week 17, and the Giants need a win and some help in order to reach the postseason. Yet, star wide receiver Victor Cruz says he and the team are very calm.

?We understand exactly what we need to do,? he said. ?I think the pressure is off of us a little bit. We?ve just got to go out there and play football.?

Regardless of the other results, the Giants obviously need to defeat the Eagles in order to have any chance at a playoff berth. Even so, ending the year on a high note seems to be a popular theme among the players as well.

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The countdown continues with New York's 2011 leading receiver, and the NFL's breakout player.

Voters: Dr. Bill Chachkes, Kel Dansby, John Fennelly, Chris Johnson, Dan Orlando (Sports World Report), Rich Resch, Craig Santucci, Dan Stack, Jon Wagner

Victor Cruz

Votes received: Chachkes (3rd place), Orlando (3rd), Fennelly (4th), Stack (4th), Wagner (4th), Santucci (5th), Johnson (6th), Resch (6th), Dansby (8th)

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Counting down Jerry Reese's eleven best draft picks/ undrafted free agents

Victor Cruz: Undrafted, 2010

Has there ever been a more pleasant surprise in New York Giants history than Victor Cruz? 2011 season? If seventh round picks are the NFL draft?s equivalent of lottery tickets, Jerry Reese?s acquisition of the salsa-dancing phenomenon as an undrafted free agent was like winning the lottery without even buying a ticket.

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