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The Islanders head to New Jersey on Friday, October 4th to open the 2013-14 season against the Devils and that day is now only 40 away. It's time to start putting away the sunblock and break in that groove in the couch where you always sit, because every game you've sat there, Michael Grabner gets a breakaway.

Hang in there, hockey's almost back.

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?Catharsis? is a word I?ve used in a number of posts on this blog, usually invoking Greek theater while suggesting that football is a modern form of the sharing of powerful emotional experience. With that in mind, I present my 2011 season preview.

While thinking of football in terms of theater is appealing to me, in writing this, I can?t help but feel the metaphor of a television series is more apt. The NFL is a very definitely a TV show?an overwhelming vast one?with a 5-month season and irregularly scheduled weekly installments. Its dramatic arcs, though, still hew closely to the 3-act structure seen in films and plays.

Here?s what I mean:

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