The NHL announced tonight that Michael Grabner will have a phone hearing?tomorrow to discuss a hit he put on Carolina's Nathan Gerbe on Saturday night. This, of course, is a precursor for a possible suspension for Grabner. Phone hearings come with a maximum suspension of five games but do not guarantee any suspension at all.?During the first period of Saturday's game, Grabner came across the defensive zone and caught Gerbe as the Carolina forward took a shot on goal. Gerbe went down clutching his head but got up almost immediately and stayed in the game. Here's the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNI_LhKsP0wGrabner isn't a repeat offender and Gerbe wasn't injured on the play so there is likely little, if any, punishment coming. My guess is a one-gamer for the first time offender. That's because the principal point of contact does appear to be Grabner's elbow on Gerbe's head. Gerbe did lean down into a shot, so the positioning does seem to have something to do with creating the point of contact (I'm not saying that makes it ok).?
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