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The Nets (5-12) defeated the Memphis Grizzlies (8-8) tonight by a score of 97-88.

The Least You Should Know

[sny-box] The Nets led by as many as 15, but the Grizzlies clawed back to get within one early in the fourth quarter. But Brooklyn again established a double-digit lead thanks to Brook Lopez, who scored 12 of his 20 points in the final frame.

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Alan Hahn prepares the Knicks for the possibility of Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry in the front court. It appears the list of teams interested are dwindling. Those that remain want to send guaranteed money back to the Knicks. Fortunately it appears Donnie Walsh is going the patience route with Randolph till a better deal is offered.

The interesting part of this piece by Alan is how it exposes the issues of the Isiah era once again. Rather than looking long term Isiah was more concerned with politics and public perception. I don't see how Randolph will fit with this up-tempo team, but perhaps D'Antoni can make it work. I still believe a team, just like the Knicks did, will look more at the stats and jump at the opportunity to secure Randolph.

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Alan Hahn leaves us with something to discuss before he leaves for Vegas. What about talking to Cleveland about Wally Szczerbiak and his 13 million dollar expiring contract?

Could there be any way to entice Cleveland to take on the Randolph contract in a deal for Szczerbiak? I used Real GM trade checker and the Knicks could deal Randolph for Szczerbiak. In reality they already have Ben Wallace and Illgauskas so bringing in Randolph makes little sense. What ideas do you guys have? Could Szczerbiak help bring this team closer to cap health?

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As we head into the Fourth of July holiday weekend there is still basketball talk surrounding the Knicks. First the guys over at? The Hoop Doctors talk about the possibility of Kirk Hinrich and Drew Gooden for Zach Randolph. Predictably the Bulls didn't pull the trigger on the deal.

Finally, I really enjoyed reading Alan Hahn's column from the other day where he talks about Gallinari and some of the challenges he overcame in Europe. Still think the kid isn't tough?

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Alan Hahn's Knicks Fix as has some interesting tidbits over at Newsday:

Jerryd Bayless was told by coach D'Antoni on Monday at dinner that roster "has all the tools" but an "engine" is needed to make them run.

There is still speculation that the Knicks will deal the number six pick, which is something I have heard from my sources.

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Newsday's Alan Hahn does another great job of updating us on whats happening in Orlando and the pre-draft camp. Two interesting tidbits in today's "Knicks Fix". The first is a conversation with Patrick Ewing about not being offered a job with the Knicks and how special it would be to see his son wear orange and blue. Alan also outlines two potential Zach Randolph trades that fell through in the eleventh hour due to to the greed of Isiah Thomas.

I understand why people would be sentimental about Ewing coming back to coach with the Knicks, but honestly do we really know how good a coach he is? I have heard he has done wonders with Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, but don't you think that might have something to do with the fact they are very talented? Ewing was more of a finesse center and those two have completely different games. This team is desperate for top of the line coaching and I just don't know if Ewing fits that description. As for the Isiah story, all I could say is: good riddance to bad rubbish.

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